Gemini Medical & Walk-In Clinic

Our Policy

Patient Visits

All patients must present a valid health card at all visits. If you do not have health coverage/insurance or your health card is not valid or expired, an uninsured service fee may apply.

New Patient Visit

All new patients must book a meet and greet to be accepted by a physician. Acceptance will be at each doctor’s discretion.

Walk-in Visits (Quick Consults)

Limit to 1 issue per visit and book follow-up visits for any additional concerns.

Uninsured Services

Some medical services are not covered under Manitoba health and thus may require additional fees. These include missed appointments, sick notes, health forms, and school/work forms. Check with the clinic for uninsured service costs.

Narcotic prescription

Practitioners follow set guidelines established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) to prescribe controlled substances. We will not provide opioids (or other controlled substances) to walk-in clients.


Gemini Medical Clinic maintains and respects your confidentiality. All requests to release your personal medical information will only be honoured after a written consent form is received.

Electronic Device

There is absolutely no videotaping within the medical clinic. All patients are advised to have all electronic devices on silent mode while in the clinic.


Please be respectful to staff and fellow clients. Gemini Medical Clinic has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive and threatening behaviour. We do not condone shouting, profanity, intimidation, threatening and aggressive behaviour in our clinic. You may be asked to leave and dismissed from the practice.


Thank you for trusting your medical care to Gemini Medical Clinic. When you schedule an appointment with Gemini Medical Clinic we set aside enough time to provide you with the highest quality care. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact the clinic as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This gives us time to schedule other patients who may be waiting for an
appointment. Please see our Cancellation/No Show Policy below:

  • Effective September 1, 2023 any established patient who fails to show or cancels/reschedules an appointment and has not contacted our office with at least 24 hour notice will be considered a No Show and given a warning letter.
  • Any established patient who fails to show or cancels/reschedules an appointment and has not contacted our office with at least 24 hour notice a second time will be charged a $50.00 fee.
  • No further appointments will be booked until the fee is paid.
  • Any new patient who fails to show for their initial visit will not be rescheduled and must come in as a walk-in patient.
  • The fee is charged to the patient, not the insurance company or the province or any third party.
  • As a courtesy, reminders are sent out prior to appointments. We may, if time allows, call to remind you. If you do not receive a reminder, the above policy will remain in effect.

We understand there may be times when an unforeseen emergency occurs and you may not be able to keep your appointment. If you should experience extenuating circumstances please contact our office assistants, who may be able to waive the No Show fee with the approval of a supervisor or manager.
You may contact Gemini Medical Clinic by phone during our regular business hours Monday through Friday, or a Saturday. An email can also be sent at the weekend.

Contact details:
Phone: (204) 560-6464